So christmas are coming very fast. And I have been more dedicated with my workouts than ever. Training really hard and pushing myself. Weight training frequency has increased. Now I train muscles 6 times a week and I love it. I will explain more about my training cycle next time in my blog. I am also still doing some cardio, suprisingly I really enjoy this ๐Ÿ™‚ It is like sweating out the problems and bad stuff, maybe some fat too hopefully :D So I am not the one who does cardio against my own will just to lose fat. I am doing it because I feel so good after that and it helps to relax my muscles. And it is better than just laying down on rest day. I don't know how to rest, so I usually include some cardio in my rest day. Nothing hard, just LISS (low-intensity, steady-state) cardio.

Sorry for the bad quality :) But pull ups are my bestfriends. Actually it is love-hate relationship. I hate do to them because they are hard as fck, but they are awesome because they make great back gains.

But I am not so happy with my nutrition last week. This weekend I ate too much sweets. Well, this is what happens when we visit my boyfriend's parents. There are always too much chocolate, sweets and food. I just lose control there lol. I don't know what is it, i am not even hungry and have zero cravings, but I still crave it when I am there :D It's kind of like my brain turns off and says: take it all, you don't have such a big free selection of sweets everyday. I would not be so mad at myself if I only ate them for 1 day which was enough, but it was whole weekend. I should be more dedicated when we visit his parents :D I should cheat when I really want something, but this time I didn't want at all. I just ate sweets and got 0 satisfaction. So it was so unneccessary. I would not regret it if I got foodgasm, but I didn't. Usually sugary stuff does the opposite. It's better to chose savory food for cheatmeal like burgers, pizza, sushi etc... because it satisfies the appetite more and fills your stomach. Sugar just makes you crave and crave and crave more sugar. And doesn't fill stomach, just makes you feel sick.

But stuff like this happens, sometimes you just turn into candy monster. I am imperfect human too and I am not trying to look like I am the best fitness girl in the world who only eats clean. Some people even does that all time of the year, but not me. :D

What counts is that I will always continue my journey. When we fall, we need to rise again and even stronger. Couple of not so successful days does not ruin your progress if you don't let it and keep working hard.

My last and most memorable foodgasm was when Kristo and I went out for a sushi after heavy workout session and we were really really really hungry. So it tasted even better. Can't wait to eat it again lol :D I really can't get that taste out of my head. So it was really really damn good!

BUT NOW let's get started with reviewing Goddess Nutrition products!!

They sent me BCAA, Protein Pudding, Shaker, 3 coconut protein testers.

BCAA- I got juicy apple flavor. Oh my, it is so delicious!! Not too sweet and is really juicy and a little sour, which I love. Some BCAAs make my mouth dry as hell, because of their sweetness, but this one didn't that much. It's so good like a lemonade ! There are also some Spirulina Extract and Acai Berry Extract in it, which have a lot health benefits. And natural colorings! The color was green ;)

Protein pudding (chocolate flavor) - I didn't understand that product. I am used to eat pudding as cold desert, but this one you had to mix and put it on microwave. It turned out kind of like a cupcake, but there were too less flavor in my opinion. It's not bad product, but maybe it just not for me. I hope they will make cold pudding too in the future. I even tried to eat it cold, but it wasn't good that way, it is neccessary to put that in the microwave so it can thicken up.

Coconut lean protein- There wasn't as much coconut taste as I expected, but it was okay. Good for mixing in the porridge or why not for baking? It was kind of sweet too. I wonder how the other flavors are. I think what little bit ruined the taste was tester package. Usually all testers have some kind of side taste because of the package. But it happens :)

So my absolutely favourite was BCAA, I really love that product, best BCAA so far that I've tried. AND SHAKER !! This shaker is the best too. Looks cute and is made of strong material and doesn't pass the water like some other shakers did. And the bottle cap is small, so it is great to drink even if I am running at the same time. Previously when I had other shaker, the cap was too big and if I was running then the water came out while I was drinking.

So if you plan to order something from Goddess Nutrition, then I advise you to buy that cute shaker too ;) I am really thankful to them ! Always so nice to try out new stuff.

I put a link to their website if you are interested :)




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Protein bars are huge trend in fitness world. They claim to be healthy snack and better option than chocolate. Well, in my opinion, it doesn't really matter if you choose chocolate bar or protein bar. Because both are processed somehow and you can't call it real food. If I am thinking what to snack then I rather choose real unprocessed food.

But, there are still some pros of protein bars that chocolate doesn't have:

  • protein bars are more macro friendly. Chocolate gives you only bad carbs (mostly sugar) and fats, while protein bar contains less carbs, sugar and fats + containing protein
  • they are more filling. That means I don't lose control eating too many of them. I can eat big amounts of chocolate without feeling full at all.

There are also some cons:

  • they contain sugar alcohols. Sugar alcohols are usually less calories than in sugar or 0 calories, but they're not better than sugar at all. Sugar alcohols can cause digestive problems for example. Some people get bloated because of that, including me sometimes.
  • they are expensive. Little bars but price is high. Fitness is selling well...
  • they can cause even bigger cravings for sweet things for some people, because of the sweeteners.

Overall, sometimes it's good to eat them if you need a quick snack or want to satisfy your sweet tooth without ruining your macro goals. But it's definitely not something to replace your real meals every day.

Anyway... I had a chance to try out some Bodylab superior protein bars + protein oreo cookies (https://vitamins.ee/ ). If you live in Estonia or Latvia, then I recommend that shop, because of the fast delivery, which only took 1 day and the shipping fee is only 1,95 eur. Usually all e-shops in Estonia charge 3 eur for shipping and their delivery can took even longer sometimes. But vitamins.ee ships 1-2days.

NB ! MY REVIEW IS STILL GOING TO BE HONEST 100% ! I am not corruptible blogger, I think it is important to speak truth to your readers not like many bloggers who promotes detox teas and stuff just for money and don't care about people's trust.

What I liked about these bars:

  • Chunky texture, which I love.
  • There were some crisps under the chocolate layer, which adds extra nice texture
  • 5 different flavors to choose
  • 20g protein per bar
  • My favourite was coconut
  • They were big enough (65g)

What I did not like about these bars:

  • Some flavors were quite boring and did not match with the name. For example brownie flavor - I expect there will be some brownie chunks, but there wasn't and I did not get it why it is called brownie flavor. It still tasted good but not what I expected.
  • Sometimes it tasted too sweet or maybe it is just me, because I am eating clean mostly and it is usual for me that products taste very sweet.

And cookies were good, not exactly the same as oreos, less sweeter, but still good. I don't even like usual oreos because they are too sweet for me. For me they were quite filling too.

I must say I really appriciate that company - kind customer service, fast shipping and many different products. I must try out their coconut zero syrup, it seems interesting, although I am sceptical about 0 calorie syrups, because most of them taste so awful and chemical. But maybe that one is good, who knows?

So I am finishing for today cause I don't want to write tooooo long post so no one will read :D

Keep grinding!!




Hey, I am back!

So I started to counting calories and macros again after a long break of it.

The first reason - I am having more control over my body then and I am able to understand it more. It is actually so damn interesting to see how your body reacts to different calories intake and specific macro balance. It's like my own science. I am not completely sure what works best for my body, so I need to try out different things to find my own.

The second reason is that I am not craving unnecessary food if I am putting healthy balanced menu together using Myfitnesspal app. And one problem what was with not counting anything was that my calories were sometimes too low. I ate big volume foods which kept me full,but calories were pretty low although I was full. If I one day inserted my typical menu to see how much calories I ate, I was badly suprised because it was only 1400-1600. NB! I wasn't starving, I was really full all the time.

Now I am increasing my calories intake and want it to keep at my maintainance level for a while (about 2000-2100). More active days, when I am doing 2 workouts a day, I can even raise it to 2500 I think. I am not worried if I gain weight or something. Muscles need food to grow :) Right now I am just curious to see what happens if I am eating more. It will do a nice thing for my metabolism definitely. Because usually metabolism will slow down if you don't eat enough.

Anyways, I am feeling so much better with more calories and carbs. More strenght, which is much needed for heavy workout sessions. I don't get it why so many girls are afraid of carbs. Only eat veggies with meat. I was like that too once. But actually when I was low carb, I felt weak at the gym, I was unable to train heavier. And no musclegrowth at all, even if I gave best of myself. And also, I was so bloated all the time. Now if I am eating more whole grain foods not only veggies with meat, and my bloatiness doesn't happen so often. And I don't think you need to be low carb to lose weight. You can still be moderate, but just need to burn more calories than consuming as you probably know already.

Of course I want to lose some fat because i am not shredded enough :D But I am no obsessed about it anymore. Because If I am too obsessed about something that I don't like about body, then it won't get better. Less stress and stress less ! ;) It's SO OKAY to not be shredded 24/7 all year. Even fitness competitors are not shredded all the time and a little more softier in offseason. Only those who are naturally skinny type and don't gain fat, are probably all the time shredded with 6pack. Lucky them! But no need to compare yourself to others. Embrace the softiness, it's normal :) There are so many fitnessmodels nowadays, who don't have abs and wearing a little bit extra fat and still being happy, confident and beautiful.

See - currently my abs hide themselves under the fat layer :D:D only in the morning after waking up they appear. But my back is getting wider, which is so great because if you want to compete in bikini fitness, then wide back is important. Some of you may think now that I am like some huge closet walking around :D but no, the wide back appears only when you flex and taking some specific pose for that. Bikini fitness competitors are all pretty tiny, but on stage when they flex, it's awesome how nice muscles and wide back they have!

Today I had a killer glutes day. I already wrote my routine to Instagram, so I am just copying it here.

1. Warm up: leg kickback machine 4x.

2. Warm up: hip abductions 4x

3. Barbell hip thrust 5x
4. Barbell sumo squat 4x
5. Stiff leg deadlift 5x
6. Kettlebell squats 4x
7. Hip abductions 3x
8. Hip adductions 3x

I only wrote the number of series, because my reps are different, depends on how much weight is on. Lower reps if heavy weights and higher reps if lighter weights. Today I did heavier. I was so exhausted after that, but also very happy. It's so great feeling if I have given my best. It's not easy to grow glutes, but I am working hard on it. And remember 1 thing - you have to eat a lot to make glutes grow. And lift heavy. Getting bulky with heavy weights is just a myth. It's damn hard to get muscles I can tell you. And to get bulky, you need to do it even harder. :D So no worries babes. Training without weights or all the time same light weight and only with machines, you don't get that nice booty. DO IT HARD! Put some effort in it. Glutes are stubborn, but I am even more stubborn so I am making these bitches grow :D Haha that was great sentence, just invented my own quote :D::D

I am always so exhausted if I do hip thrust, deadlift and squats. But it pays off. Even abs are working while doing it, because heavy weight makes them tense to help achieve the exercise.

So this is it for now!

Lots of love,




Hey !

Today I want to share my progress with you. I made a progress pic of my back last weekend, to compare it with the picture made in February. Sorry about the quality too.

I was so shocked actually. My first thought: wtf was I really SO out of shape in the winter? :D I really didn't remember that picture until I opened it. As you can see, I've lost some bodyfat, that makes my muscles appear a little more. I've also gain more strenght and muscle mass. And my glutes are in better shape now too.

In the first picture I was too obsessed with my shape and weight. I tried so hard and ate so clean and exercised so hard, but still had that miserable shape. I believe that I overthinked and stressed about it way too much, which is so bad for your progress and doesn't let anything good happen to you.

On the current picture I am being so much more flexible with food and exercising. I don't get angry at myself anymore if I didn't make it to the gym as much as I wanted to. I don't get angry if I am eating big ice cream box by myself at late evening. The less you stress about it, the less it will affect your body. You don't get fat overnight anyway.

I really understand all these desperate girls who want to lose weight so bad, but nothing changes. I was like this too. But once you change your mindset and not taking food as your enemy, then things start to change ;) !

Feel free to ask me something or if you just want to text me :) I love all my readers.




Hey guys!
I have good news - I finally got my driver license! My driving exam turned out so well, didn't do any mistakes, although I was pretty nervous, but who wouldn't because it's so important driver exam that is only one step far from getting license?

Also, my weight has finally started to drop. It has been same like 1 year basically. Even though I hustled so hard always and was as healthy as possible. But the fact that scale is changing now, is amazing, because I actually don't eat as clean and planned as I did before. I mean, I eat clean, but I allow myself more cheatmeals and don't eat in a planned way. I don't count macros, calories. I don't have planned meal times, I just eat when my body tells me "give me fooood". I am so much happier when I am not stuck in some numbers or limitations of food. My only limitation is dairy, because my body doesn't like it at all. But when I want to bake a cake then I use dairy products. They don't bother my tummy when they're in a baked cake haha๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ okay this might seem the same as: I am eating veggies, in a cake! ๐Ÿ˜‚ but dairy products as a cooked version don't give me same symptoms as eating them raw. So, give me cake or I won't eat dairy lol๐Ÿ˜‚I love cheesecakes and curd cakes,yummi!!

So I can say my relationship with food has become better and better every day. If I look back, my menu was healthy, but my mind wasn't. It was like hate-love relationship with food. It's better to not restrict yourself so hard, it's only making your fitness journey harder. After changing my mindset and perspective about food and fitness, my body is starting to co-operate with me!

I started to love photography. I've also realised how amazing nature is and actually you can capture a really great shot everywhere, if you want to.
It's my new hobby. Kristo and I both love it, and we always argue who can hold the camera and who is posing. Of course we both want to be behind the camera. I don't feel like a model and I don't know how to pose well haha ๐Ÿ˜‚ I find it so hard to look pretty. Taking selfies is so much easier, because I can see on the screen how I am going to look. But if someone taking pictures of me then I am going to be really weird ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ it takes time to get a great photo of me seriously. But it's worth it.





Hey guys!

Today I want to share a great healthy muffin recipe that i got from Tuuli (https://www.instagram.com/ttttuuli/.

I didn't do it exactly like she did, but the idea is same. I never follow recipes, I always adjust amounts by eye and do it in my own way. I have followed the recipes in the past, but they never turned out the way I wanted to, so now I just trust my inner "chef" haha :D

1 muffin contains: 130 kcal (7g carbs, 9.3g fat, 5g protein)


40g unsweetened cocoa

35g whole grain oat flour

2 large eggs

60g unflavoured plain yogurt / greek yogurt

60g lactose free milk (you can use any milk)

30g coconut oil (melted)

sweetener (I used stevia, because it's natural and doesn't raise blood sugar + zero calories), add as much as you feel it's sweet enough for you


20g dark chocolate (I used 85% dark)

45g almonds

1,5 tsp baking powder

pinch of salt


How to make:

Whip eggs, stevia and pinch of salt. Add yogurt and milk, then cocoa, oat flour and baking powder. Then melt coconut oil and add to the dough. Put raspberries to the muffin forms ( I used silicone forms, because muffins come out from them easily and nothing sticks to the forms). Then add dough and put chopped chocolate and almonds to the top. I baked them about 20-25 min in 200ยฐC. But use toothpick to make sure that muffins are ready and not raw. Every oven is different so it depends on that.

Next time I am going to double the amounts to make more muffins, this time I only got 9 :(

Kristo bought me new gym gloves, because I lost my previous ones. It's so much better to work out with gloves because hands and fingers doesn't slide when they get sweaty or whatever. And nothing doesn't rub them. Now it's so much better for me to do pull ups and lift heavy.

Right now I have actually nothing interesting to write, because I've been only at school and gym :D

But yesterday when Kristo and I went to Haapsalu, our tire broke. We both have never changed the tire, but Kristo handled it very well and fast :) He put on emergency tire, but it's just temporary and you can't drive with that a long distance or fast. We drove slowly just in case. Unfortunately every tire repair shop is closed at weekends, so we have to wait for the new week. For now we have to ride with train and buses :D Yay.




Hey guys!

Welcome to my new blog! This time, I decided to write my blog in English. The first reason is that I just want to improve my English and don't want to forget this language since I don't use it every day. And more important reason, not all of the readers are Estonian people, but I want everyone to understand my posts. I apologize if my writing isn't the best, but I try to not make much mistakes ;)

So.. yesterday I woke up and it was pretty hard to get up from the bed, because my glutes were so damn sore from yesterday's workout. To be honest, I wasn't sure at gym if my workout was good enough, cause I was tired and didn't have so much motivation as I usually do. Somedays just aren't as good as others. But these are my dedication and passion that keep me going, even if I don't want to. We don't get better at things if we do them only when we want to. But the glutes muscle pain I am having today, is definitely telling me that I did a good job with them yesterday. Booty's growing, yeyyy!

By the way, I received a package that https://vitamins.ee/ sent me for free, just to try out. I was so happy and grateful. It's my first time to try something out for free. But my review is still going to be honest about these products. They sent me Proteinella, which is like Nutella but way more protein and low in sugar. And they also sent me Protein Pancakes Mix, cookies and cream flavor.

My proteinella is white chocolate flavoured, which taste is exactly like melted white chocolate, and there's a slight protein taste too, but it doesn't ruin it. You can add it to the porridge, pancakes, toast or wherever you want to. It was really tasty and good spread for the pancakes. The 250g can costs 5.95 euros. There are 3 flavors: smooth&creamy, super cruchy and white chocolate. But just like Nutella, it contains a lot of calories, so don't over eat :D 100g contains 496kcal.

Pancake Mix powder smelled really good, really similar to Fast Cookies&cream pudding. There was also some little brown cookie pieces. It was really easy to make, just mix with water. Pancake dough was good and thick, didn't stick to the pan. They were crispy and fluffy, just the way I like it. Although the dough tasted like cookies&cream, the ready made pancakes were like regular pancakes. Don't get me wrong, they were still very delicious. But what I didn't like about them, was the ingredients like wheat flour and sweeteners (sucralose, acesulfame-K). I am trying to avoid these chemical sweeteners, which actually are in many many "health", zero calorie, protein products. But if you don't consume them a lot and often, then it's okay.

Overall, I really enjoyed these 2 products. I still prefer real food and real pancakes, but it's nice to have some easy,simple & fast desert like this sometimes :) Thank you vitamins.ee !

As I mentioned before, that sometimes there just isn't any motivation to work out. What helps me with that? How to get motivation back?

Usually there's just 2 options for me:

1) suck it up and still go to gym, for the great after-gym-feeling


2) take a rest day or even 2 days and do something pleasant.

Second option is great, because if I don't go to gym that day then I am going to miss it so badly and can't wait to go back there again. Sometimes you just need to be away from somebody/something, to realise how important it is to you.

Yesterday evening Kristo and I went to spa. Swimming, hot tub and saunas are so good and relaxing, for the body and also the mind. Now I feel that my body is so relaxed and free, muscles are less sore and feeling so fresh.

For an extra motivation boost, I just like to watch slideshow about my goals. At the beginning of our relationship, we both decided to make a list about our dreams and goals of life. We didn't show them to each other until they were ready. Suprisingly, we both made powerpoint slideshows not just a list on paper or sth :D And what's even more important, that it was sick how much we had same stuff there! On some slide we had put even same photos. I can't believe how same we are :D At this point I realise that he's the one. Last year we both made a tiger tattoo on our arm, with the same tiger picture. And it was the first thing in our goals list that we made real. And many more are coming.

That's all for today, have a nice end of the weekend!